April 19 minutes…

Meeting was at Professor Mayhem’s. Thanks for the eats and hosting Prof!

Poozr and the Prof were creating the cap for Poozr’s light project on the 3D printer. Once completed the pieces were fitted together and tested. The LEDs inside changed color on demand and could be seen through the white plastic. Even the circuit board was designed and created by Poozr and the Prof. Good job guys.

gatheringFor Show-and-Tell Nate brought a Meg Ohm meter – Meger can test 1 gigaohm. Good crank will generate a thousand volts.

There was some news on the new East Operations Center (EOC).

Later discussions included Inductors, passives (resistors, capacitors and inductors), Henry Units and lighter than air gasses.

1-18-14 Yoyodyne gathering minutes

A lot was covered this evening. Many hours of interesting, educational and snicker-inspiring play this evening.
Some of the things were:

The difference between learning Math and learning Maths: The tools of calculus, trigonometry, algebra, etc.
When asked “does it have a PID” you will know what the heck they’re talking about. Proportional Integral Derivatives controller. They’re in everything!
Making an IR detector and transmitter with an Arduino…and Hey! you can check it with your cellphone camera!
Attempting to print a plastic Arduino on a 3D printer.
Peristaltic pumps made with a springform cake pan and other found stuff was discussed after viewing this video from hackaday.com
And Loud fun with an element from the very low end of the table.

PID IMG_1221

And a Big Thanks to Mary for the Wings and burgers!